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Personal Taxes

When it’s personal.

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We all have to file tax returns, so let’s make it as simple as possible. Our personal tax services help our current clients and unincorporated business owners make tax season a breeze.

Please note: We can only serve clients who own a business (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) and their family members. If this isn’t you – sorry, we can’t help you. But we are happy to recommend a professional friend who may be a good fit.

Step 1

Let’s begin! Along with your necessary paperwork (receipts, slips, etc.), please fill out the appropriate worksheets (below). Start with the worksheet called “For Everyone“. Our worksheet(s) not only acts as a tracker but reduces the number of times we have to reach out to you and makes sure we don’t miss anything important. Be sure to fill out any of the other worksheets if necessary.

Step 2

Cut the paper clutter by submitting your documents electronically. Choose what works best for you from once-a-year submissions (Dropbox) or throughout the year (Dext) – both of these options require reaching out to our office to be set up for you. We also have a physical mailbox for you to drop off your paperwork, but please call our office to review the drop-off procedure.

Worksheet Tips

You can complete our worksheets one of two ways:

  1. Download and print our worksheets to complete a printed version.  You can submit them to us by dropping them off at our office, emailing a scanned version (please ensure any files you send us via email are password protected) or you can request an upload link to submit your scanned documents.
  2. Our forms are now fillable PDF but you still need Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete, as well as downloading the PDFs to your computer. If you do not have Adobe you can download it free – CLICK HERE to do so. If you have any issues please contact our office at (519) 997-2900

Almost there!

Step 3

When we report back to you with your completed return, you will then need to: 

  1. Sign-off on the return — this authorizes us to file it
  2. Pay any taxes due
  3. Collect any hardcopy materials provided to us

Voila, you’ve survived tax season!

Note: If you get any letters from CRA, call us if you require additional support.

Tech Empowerment

Sometimes it’s as easy as pressing a button. Learn how technology can keep you organized.

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Cost/Price Schedule

Surprises aren’t for everyone, especially during tax season. For full cost transparency, refer to our fixed fee schedule. If our schedule doesn’t meet your situation, please contact us. 

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