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Taxes and Reporting

When it’s taxes.

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We all know that tax returns are a necessary evil. Business owners know that more than anybody! However, if you use tax time as an opportunity to review your financials with qualified professionals, it can strengthen your ability to make future business decisions.

When we work with you, we try to

Keep in mind, taxes differ between a corporation and a proprietorship, and it can get more complicated as you grow. We’ll guide you through this.

When it’s reporting.

You may need to give your financial information to someone else – a lender, investor, funder, or landlord – in the form of a financial statement. That other party may need a formal report from a CPA firm. That report is generally in the form of an audit, a review, or a compilation.

On the other hand, if you don’t need to give your financials to somebody else, you may value having a qualified team look at them with you.

We can handle this. Let’s talk about what you need.

Having to file taxes or supply financial statements doesn’t actually help run or improve your business. While both are necessary, there is so much more to your business. Get more out of your every day with Powered Process and dive deeper with Powered Growth.

Personal taxes for our business clients.

Regardless of how your business is structured, you still need to file a personal tax return. If you run your business as a proprietorship or partnership, you’re reporting your business results on that return. If you run your business in a corporation, you’re likely receiving salary or dividends. And of course, there’s everything else that goes on a return – RRSPs, investments, donations, etc.

We’re happy to help. Click on “learn more” to gain more insight into our personal tax process ->

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