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About Us

We’re not your parents’ accounting firm.

At Hawkins & Co, we’ve pondered the deeper questions like “Why should you build a relationship with your accountant?”

We believe in doing more than taxes. That is why we provide business processes, systems, and reports that are empowering, insightful, and approachable. Our team of advisors and CPAs accomplish this by ensuring we build everything around the business owner.

It’s time to let your numbers be a catalyst for understanding, growth, and decision-making. We deliver tailored operational solutions that support financial understanding and provide peace of mind.

Approachability is at the core of everything we do. We invite you to experience the true power behind your numbers.

Our Co-Founders

Allison Hawkins

Founded by Jules and Allison Hawkins in late 2013, Hawkins & Co. is a Canadian firm with offices in Windsor-Essex, ON., and Vancouver and Fernie, BC.

As a team of business advisors and accountants, we actively participate in our communities and work with clients across the country to revitalize their business.

Jules Hawkins

What our team members have to say

“Working at Hawkins and Co. is amazing. The person I am today is because of the attention to personal and professional growth H & Co. has for their team. It’s feeling valued and knowing what you do matters – that is so hard to find. We have a great team that supports each other and I get to bring my dog to work. Doesn’t get any better than that!”

Danielle Ramsten
Chief Operating Officer

Danielle & Penelope at our old office showing off their unique style 🙂

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