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I’m Proud of…

I’m Proud of…

Every Friday we have a staff meeting and while we cover the usual business items, we always start the meeting with our prouds. What are prouds you ask? It’s a simple concept really – each week staff are asked to jot down things that they’re proud of or grateful for, whether it’s for themselves, for fellow coworkers, family, friends or anything really.

We go around the table and share our prouds that we’ve written down on our Hawkins & Co. post-it notes. Some may ask themselves why do we do this? Shouldn’t we be discussing business or work-related tasks? We do get to that but this gives us a chance to appreciate the things that are happening in our lives and the lives of our work family.

With these 15 to 20 minutes of sharing things that make us happy we’re building a positive work culture. Our prouds give us each an opportunity to appreciate one another but what is maybe even more important is taking a minute to appreciate one’s self. There are no parameters to what each of us shares but this exercise gives each of us the opportunity to have the courage to maybe be a little vulnerable. I don’t know about you but I find it very hard to be my own cheerleader. I’m always great at cheering on others yet for myself, not so much. This helps me pause to think of myself.

~ Danielle

Check out a great pic of our pile of prouds below and we keep a scrapbook of all of our prouds so we can
revisit them at our staff retreat or anytime we want!
So what types of things does your workplace do to motivate yourself and your coworkers?
Or what do types of things do you do for yourself?
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