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New(ish) rules for nonprofits in Ontario

By Margaret Deneau on November 11, 2022

Is your organization a non-profit incorporated in Ontario? If yes, this applies to you! The Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA) came into effect on…

Some tips on tips…

By Jules Hawkins on October 28, 2022

As you know, customers in restaurants, bars, hotels etc. will often leave tips, which are for the benefit of those who have served them….

Beyond Beans – Part 2

By Jules Hawkins on August 29, 2022

We have one key goal in mind for our clients: to improve business owners’ lives. As I’ve said earlier (Beyond Beans Blog Post), we…

Ontario COVID Program Updates

By Jules Hawkins on January 22, 2021

We hope that all our friends and clients are healthy and safe. Clearly, we all hope that the second lockdown is as short as…

CEBA expansion is here!

By Jules Hawkins on December 7, 2020

The government has just announced the long-trailed expansion of the CEBA loan facility.  To remind long-suffering readers: CEBA (Canada Emergency Business Account) is the…

Real estate, Realtors and Corporations

By Jules Hawkins on November 5, 2020

My first non-COVID post in a while…… This blog has been prompted by some recent changes to the law, plus a few conversations I’ve…

Wage Subsidy Part 2

By Jules Hawkins on July 20, 2020

Longer-lived, more flexible, and even more complicated Last Friday, the government posted its plans for amending the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (or CEWS). Pity…

Reopening, but not normal

By Jules Hawkins on June 30, 2020

We’re delighted that COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted. We also spare a thought for our friends and clients who are not yet released…

Covid Tidbits

COVID Tidbits

We hope everybody is keeping safe and healthy! Now that we’ve been in this for a while….. the flow of big updates has slowed…

Wage Subsidy…This is how it works

Yes, this is another long blog post. If you’re planning a claim, we suggest you print this off and work through it by section….