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Getting That New Car Smell…

Getting That New Car Smell…

Recently we’ve been receiving inquiries from businesses that have been in business for under 2 years. Their work is in its early days and they are very conscious of their bank balance and are trying to stay lean and mean ?, which as an accounting firm we totally understand. But another trend that is surfacing is that they know they need to keep their numbers up to date so their dreams can become a reality…a sustainable one! They want to do it right from the start but the thought of paying a monthly fee for services is daunting. Many of them say “Well I’m not that big yet”. So, in chatting amongst ourselves I began to think of the value of our services and how can we relate that to start-ups or young businesses. Here’s what came to mind…

My son plays a ton of soccer, so our van becomes a haven for soccer balls, smelly socks, and shoes, grass, dirt…you get the picture. So, I had the dreaded task this weekend to clean out the van. It was not going to be fun. It was hot and I knew the vacuum cleaner that is designated for the car isn’t the best because it’s the old one that we used to use in the house but is not the greatest so it became the “car vacuum”. I spent as much time as I could vacuuming, cleaning out garbage, wiping down the dash and the windows, and Febreezing the disgusting smell of sweat socks out of my van. The van now looks presentable and smells a bit better, but I didn’t really get it clean. There’s still some dog hair on the seats, dust on the dash, fingerprints on the back windows and please don’t stow-n-go my back seat because I’m sure there’s enough grass under there to full up a lawn bag. But I only had a limited amount of time so I did what I could.

Also, the whole time I was cleaning I kept thinking there are so many other things I could be doing with my time, plus all the advantages of having a professional do it. Let’s think of those advantages:

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Now let’s flip things and think about the new business owner.  You’ve got new clients to sign, projects to manage, maybe a staff member or two to manage, if you have a location clean it, stock it, create marketing, think about social media, meet with the bank…again you get the picture – BUSY!  There are so many moving parts and so much going on you can get overwhelmed.  What do you focus on?  Where do you start?  And now try to fit in time to take care of your accounting.

So with your limited schedule you try to fit in digging out your expense receipts, get those entered, then you make sure you’ve invoiced your clients,  track your mileage, ensure you’ve capture all your HST, track your inventory into your accounting system (and that’s if you have one set up), plus make sure you pay your bills and your staff and submit info to CRA.  All those things related to money that keep you up at night and you can see the limited time you have will quickly disappear.

But what if you hire someone to help you?  Some of the advantages are:

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And those are only some of the advantages. Your time is valuable and alleviating the stress that comes along with cash flow, payroll, bills, CRA and more allows you to work “on” your business not “in” your business.  Plus, you didn’t become an entrepreneur to be bogged down with those tasks.  You need your mental capacity to be open and able to take on more because you have a dream and we want to help you reach it.

~ Danielle Ramsten