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Helping Small Business through Story Telling Part 1

Helping Small Business through Story Telling Part 1

Helping Small Business through Story Telling


Our vision is to give every business owner the ability to understand as much of their accounting as they want to.  They may never love their accounting, but they won’t fear it any more. At the least they understand “why” and “how”.


For start-up businesses (limited time, funds, staff), you also have to do a “little bit every day”.  Accounting’s often done as an after-thought, and to a business owner who’s handling everything from selling to sweeping the floor, it’s often last on their list. But, once you’re a month behind, it becomes overwhelming – and you don’t do it.


We give our clients enough knowledge, systems and processes that they can hold their own for the day to day.  But we’ve often found that – although our clients get to the stage where they can do their own basic accounting – their time is better spent on other parts of their business.


Our ScaleUP partnership with the Windsor-Essex Small Business Centre and Xero has helped us to put together some fantastic stories to help microbusinesses and startups. They match our tagline, “Business & taxes are complicated things. We believe they don’t have to be. ”


After they go through ScaleUP, entrepreneurs can handle all their basic accounting needs themselves.  They can then decide – as business owners – if they want to carry on doing this, or hand it off to someone else. Either way, they no longer feel like their numbers are a black box that they don’t understand.


How do we do this?  Lots of concrete examples told as stories.  At each ScaleUP session, we start with a story that everyone in the room can relate to. For example, the business owner who always pays for things in cash from their pocket and doesn’t keep track of those purchases. Through the stories, we explore the dangers – and show how there’s a better way.


The stories start the conversation flowing within the group. Once everybody gets the “why”, it makes the technical training (the “how”) much easier.


Here’s an example:


For more information checkout http://www.windsoressexsmallbusiness.com/scaleup