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Danielle Ramsten

Danielle Ramsten

Chief Operating Officer

A little bit about Danielle

Danielle’s big talent: eats tech for breakfast

Favourite superhero: Wonder Woman

Favourite quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein

Danielle is an experienced communications and marketing professional who has worked the majority of her career in the nonprofit sector. A graduate of the St. Clair College Journalism and New Media program she turned her creativity into tools to help nonprofits put their best foot forward. She has worked on various types of events, and through these events, she has had the privilege of meeting and working on events involving stars like Chantal Kreviazuk, Clara Hughes, Al Pacino and more.

Danielle enjoys developing marketing materials, working on various social media platforms and loves to teach herself new software. She loves working with our clients to help them make their business better – especially by using technology. Her skills range from creating websites, create & edit videos, design promo materials, take & edit photos, manage various types of events & projects, is a blogger, Tweets about it, Facebooks it, Instagram’s those pics and so much more. She has 2 boys, is married to a chef and has 2 fur babies, her pup Penelope, who frequents the office and Ronaldo the cat. When not in the office she can be found putzing around with various tech for fun, on the sidelines at a soccer game (passionately motivating her son’s soccer team) or trying out the newest dish her husband has cooked up.