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Andrew LeBoeuf

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Andrew LeBoeuf

Andrew LeBoeuf, MBA

Staff Accountant (T2 Focus)

A little bit about Andrew

Andrew’s big talent: Will always strive to get things right.

Andrew began his accounting journey at the University of Windsor as a Business Admin Co-op. He fell in love with the numbers and problem-solving aspects associated with the profession, as well as the diverse opportunities that the profession can offer. After completing his undergraduate degree with co-op experience in the public & private sector, Andrew decided to pursue his MBA and prepare for the CFE. With the teaching & guidance from his great professors (including Jules), he successfully obtained his MBA and passed the CFE in Sept 2020, on his way to becoming a full CPA.

Andrew joined Hawkins & Co in early 2021 and has found a love for taxes, both personal and corporate, as well as servicing owner-manager clients to help them succeed! His favourite part of working here is the teamwork and passion everyone has for making a difference.

Outside of work, he can be found going for long walks by the river, beating his friends in tennis, or planning his next vacation travel