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Adam Suhan

Adam Suhan

Adam Suhan

Processing and Tax Associate

A little bit about Adam

Adam’s big talent: lives by his favourite quote

Favourite book: Dune by Frank Herbert

Favourite quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – Kevin Durant

Adam started as a co-op student working at H&Co during his grade 11th year. Adam knew he wanted to pursue a career in accounting since he was a kid. When he was only ten, he received a briefcase as a present along with office supplies which allowed him to have an appreciation for business. Adam hopes to attend the accounting program at St. Clair College and then transfer his credits to the University of Windsor to gain an undergraduate degree. He then plans to earn his CPA designation.

During Adam’s time at H&Co, he learned more about accounting which reinforced his love for the field. He enjoys learning something new every day as there is always a new and exciting task awaiting him. Adam’s favourite part of the job is being faced with new challenges that he must conquer.

In Adam’s spare time, he can usually be found working ahead in his classes by reading the textbook or learning more about a subject online. He also enjoys cleaning and fixing his car to destress from school and work.