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New CRA Trust Reporting Updates

New CRA Trust Reporting Updates

By Jules Hawkins on February 29, 2024

Why should I read this? The government has introduced new rules that are going to increase the number of people who have to file…

2023 Tax Updates: Underused Housing Tax, CPP Increases, and more!

By Jules Hawkins on December 18, 2023

Happy nearly holidays to everyone! It’s not very seasonal but the landscape of Canadian taxes is ever-changing, and 2023 is no exception. There are…

Maximize Your Benefits: Key Government Incentives Ending in 2023

By Jules Hawkins on November 20, 2023

At Hawkins & Co., we’ve been in discussions with many of our clients regarding these critical updates, and the time has come to share…

CRA Penalties & Interest – how to avoid them

By Jules Hawkins on June 27, 2023

This is a very exciting blog, about CRA penalties, interest, and how to avoid them. Nothing that’s new, but – in this era of…

Meet the new “Underused Housing Tax”

By Jules Hawkins on February 21, 2023

Well, it’s for a good cause. We’re all aware that Canada has a housing shortage – and, in some regions, that’s been exacerbated by…

Some tips on tips…

By Jules Hawkins on October 28, 2022

As you know, customers in restaurants, bars, hotels etc. will often leave tips, which are for the benefit of those who have served them….

Beyond Beans – Part 2

By Jules Hawkins on August 29, 2022

We have one key goal in mind for our clients: to improve business owners’ lives. As I’ve said earlier (Beyond Beans Blog Post), we…

Ontario COVID Program Updates

By Jules Hawkins on January 22, 2021

We hope that all our friends and clients are healthy and safe. Clearly, we all hope that the second lockdown is as short as…

CEBA expansion is here!

By Jules Hawkins on December 7, 2020

The government has just announced the long-trailed expansion of the CEBA loan facility.  To remind long-suffering readers: CEBA (Canada Emergency Business Account) is the…

COVID: Second wave – and more updates to government support

By Jules Hawkins on November 24, 2020

We hope you remain safe. Clearly, we’re all concerned with the resurgence in COVID cases, that have required our governments to tighten controls again….